Welcome Friends. I’m so glad you’re here.

 My name is Saša and I am destination wedding photographer.

Our journeys are each so personal, aren’t they? And yet they overlap in these beautiful moments we share in as human beings on the earth. Moments where we say “I do,” and feel things we’ve never felt before. Even moments that aren’t as radiant, moments of struggle or heartache, become a beautiful thread in our journeys over time. The stories here are glimpses into some of those incredible moments. Moments where a lifetime’s worth of honor is exchanged, where two  suddenly become one. It’s an honor to be part of these life-changing turning points.

I love to take a photos of ordinary people, their lives and extraordinary loves. Love is my drive and my passion is storytelling. Wherever your wedding is, on coast or countryside, in big city or in small abandoned village I always looking for a beauty in small things and relation between two people in love.

This is small museum of my work, my view on some big days and importance of memories afterwards so please take a look and my hope is we can journey together and do the same.