Beautiful Italian elopement in PugliaLaura & Stefano

Being an Italian wedding photographer, I noticed one thing. While the north of Italy might attract tourists and photographers around the world with lakes and architecture riches, the true magic of untouched nature and history lies in the south. Country roads are stretching across the endless plains and between perfectly arranged vineyards. Laura and Stefano are the last piece of puzzle that completes the amazing scenery and adding to the luxury of the vintage decor. Among the orange trees and palm leaves, Laura’s beautiful white wedding dress shines like a unique pearl, nestling comfortably in the scenery. Puglia countryside is an adorable setting for your elopement, captured by the meticulous lens of my camera. I couldn’t help but smile myself. Feeling blessed and full with joy that I can be a part of this moment together with the loving couple.

The south of Italy is an untold adventure. A vast number of villages and towns are almost untouched by the cold modern structures.

The vibrant yellowish veneers carry the silent face of the centuries past. Along with statues and marble roads, they write a memoir of eternity and human perseverance. You are walking straight into an unassuming magical fable which blends so naturally with Laura and Stefano and their story.

As soon as we arrived here, I was not sure if I should be a photographer or a painter. Sometimes it’s almost too easy for an Italian wedding photographer. Eventually, I will try to speak with my pictures and bring out the best from Puglia and this lovely couple. Calm and striking, hopefully they will tell you more than any written word ever will.

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