Why choose a destination wedding?



When you chose a destination wedding, you are creating a unique experience. Since I’ve been part of many different weddings abroad, I understand the challenges. So hopefully I can help you find the perfect place, get the right information, get around with what people mostly have issues with in these situations. Benefits of having the wedding abroad are many. First of all, they are more intimate, unique and people tend to be in a vacation mood. Sounds like a great scenario to me! Finally, if you spend couple extra days to explore the area, it can be you honeymoon!

How to chose the right destination wedding photographer?


I am not going to say it’s me. But if you can image yourself in these words, well- that’s a good sign. Because everything need to click and fall into place on your big day. Above all, I believe photography is an art form that holds its value and sentiment forever; I think about the colors, the lighting, the mood, the story. My work is dreamy, romantic and intimate. A destination wedding photographer isn’t just an investment, it’s an experience. I love telling stories through photography. Therefore, I promise that you and I will walk away with a beautiful piece of art together.

A little bit more about me

My passions are travelling, endless conversations with friends, long walks with my wife and going to the cinema. Furthermore, I’m laid back, fun, and I’m down for anything. Because I'm a destination wedding photographer, I'm able to bind many of my interests. If you're getting married and you want me to be your photographer, contact me and I will be there.

Key of success is loving what you do
35 mm roll of film and 36 exposures brought me to the world of photography and I apply that experience into a wedding setting today. Beside special photos from your big day, you'll get so much more than that. You'll have a chance to reminisce the energy and the mood. All those little moments will be captured. And you can relive such a special day as many times as you like.

Upcoming wedding destinations





"No doubt that your wedding day will be one of the most beautiful days of your life. And from this day you'll keep unforgettable memories and souvenirs. What will help you to keep those beautiful moments for forever and what will always put a smile on your face when you'll have a look at it, will be the photos of this special day.It's always difficult to select the people you going to work with for such an important day. The photographer was for us one of the most important one. Finding Sasa was for us a real blessing. Sasa is an amazing professional who is passionate by his work and by the people he working with. The quality of our photographs are just breathtaking as you can see, he'll always know how to capture the best of you."

destination wedding photographer taking photo of a newly-wed couple at sunset in the fields of Chateau Lacanaud


"The pictures are amazing! Thank you so much Sasa, we love them. You are tru artist."

destination wedding photographer at Dubrovnik Wedding in Sponza Palace

Catherine & Michael

"Sasa was a dream from start to finish. His communication was faultless which was really important when you’re trying to plan a wedding!I knew straight away that I wanted Sasa to be our photographer. His passion for photography is so evident from his pictures. I wanted someone who was passionate and creative with their pictures. I also want a mix of editorial style and candid pictures without the compromise. He blended in perfectly on our wedding day and went above and beyond for beautiful shots. He truly is extremely talented and very professional. We get complimented regularly on our wedding photos and that definitely down to Sasa! I would highly recommend the photo album too!"


"Thanks so much Sasa, they are simply amazing! Perfect memories of those unforgettable moments. So happy you were there for us!"

Isotta & Federico

We would like to say thank you for the absolutely incredible photos, we literally couldn’t be happier. They’re amazing. We’re so happy with every single photo and we can’t choose which we love the most because they are all so lovely. Thank you for putting in so much hard work with the taking and editing of the photos, we really appreciate all the hard work you have done. They are everything we could have hoped for and more, such special memories for us. So delighted that we had you as our photographer for the day. We had so much fun and you made us feel so relaxed, you are amazing at what you do!

Hayley & Martyn

"It is always a risk choosing the right photographer. After months of research and interviews, we hired Sasa and we ticked that box on the list. He turned out to be a guest, whose presence we continue to cherish, and a friend whose gift for us was the dearest. We look at our pictures now and their uniqueness takes us back to every single emotion and thought we experienced that day. We did not just get pictures, we also made a friend. Sasa truly knows his craft; he gets to know the couple and then goes about the job with all his heart & mind to give."