December 1, 2018

Christophe & Beatrice – Bohemian wedding at Chateau Lacanaud

Intimate bohemian wedding at Chateau Lacanaud

I definitely have a soft spot for intimate weddings. This bohemian wedding in south-west of France was like no other. Beatrice & Christophe wanted a simple, outdoor celebration and it was like a dream!

Hooray magazine featured this lovely wedding story and here’s a chapter from it:

“Even if our relationship was young, I knew that she was the one, I had this feeling that told me, ‘that’s the woman of your life’ and I wanted her to be more than just my girlfriend. I was a student at this time, so I didn’t have enough money to travel to see her. But I worked hard and sold all my belongings to buy a ring and a ticket for Doha. On the 19 of February 2010, I proposed to her and she said yes.”

It was just a whimsical day at the Chateau.

A couple took inspiration for wedding decor from Beatrice’s personal sense of style and it made the wedding very unique. Charming lanterns, sprinklers, dance floor made out of rugs created a cozy and romantic atmosphere. They marked their place with big wicker chairs. Elegant table setting was illuminated by candle lights and when the night came, it was fascinating.

I came home from this stunning wedding so inspired and could’t wait to share their story. Perhaps you’ll find an inspiration from this bohemian wedding and it might help you create your own story.


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