January 14, 2020

Caroline & Jared//Chateau de la Valouze

Back in the 19th century, near the city Bordeaux in France, Mr Paul Durand-Ruel was living in a beautiful Chateau de la Valouze and his greatest passion was art dealing. He provided support to worldly famous painters and helped them organise their first big exhibitions. Some of the artists were Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet.Today, the birthplace of impressionism, charming Chateau de la Valouze became the canvas for the love story of two new yorkers, Caroline and Jared.

Prestigious Vines, Oak Forest and Quiet Little Lake 

The historical importance of this place wasn’t the only reason why our couple picked this location as their wedding destination. They were looking for a venue in this part of France because of the prestigious wines from the Bordeaux region.

And they have absolutely found that “la vie en rose” vibe here. 

The Chateau was hiding in the shadow of an oak forest; and the summer breeze was creating a subtle dance of the branches. When we took a walk around it, we found a quiet lake that looked like the one from the famous paintings of Monet with water lilies. 

Magical First Encounter of Jared and Caroline

Caroline and Jared were getting ready in separate rooms with the help of stylists and family members. Jared was wearing a beautifully tailored suit and Caroline opted for natural makeup, low hair bun, and the dress with lace details on the top. Bouquet was made of luscious white flowers, and when Jared saw her everything stopped and melted into one of the most perfect moments.

Their faces were glowing, and there were even tears of joy in the crowd. Luckily I was focused on their facial expressions, and it was all well captured in the pictures. 

They read their wows and toasted to a new chapter in their lives.

Feast Under The Skies

After reading the wows, the couple got married beneath a big beautiful oak tree. Their family and friends gathered around, with blessed looks on their faces while the violins were playing.

The celebration of their love continued in front of the Chateau de la Valouze where their guest had the chance to taste the best french vines and gastronomic specialties. The gorgeously decorated table was the centre point of the event, and it created a symbolic meaning. While they were all sitting at the same table, they were becoming one beautiful family thanks to Jared and Caroline. 

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Chateau de la Valouze