February 20, 2022

Picture perfect wedding, Fort George, Vis Island, Croatia


Many say Vis island is different than any other in Croatia. Locals even call it the island of happiness. It certainly is unique since it is the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland. This location allows Vis to remain an untouched gem of the Adriatic sea since it has been opened for tourists quite recently. 

Last year, I had a perfect opportunity to inhale all the beauty of this Dalmatian island, thanks to Marin and Isabel. They hired me as their wedding photographer to Vis. 

Why is Vis a perfect wedding location?

Island Vis is not as famous as other Croatian islands (Brac, Hvar, and Pag). Therefore, frequent visitors rarely speak about it to preserve the peace and massive tourism. Yet, somehow, they successfully do so and keep it to themselves. 

But the fact that this is the quiet and slow fisherman island is not the main reason you should plan your wedding day on Vis. The main element is an incredible nature and authentic vibe of this island. Time moves slower on Vis, and people are very welcoming.

Every corner of the street is vibrant and romantic. If you stop for a moment, you can even hear the sound of fishing boats waving on the sea surface. No one cares what you are wearing or who you are hanging with, as long as you are not disrupting the charming ecosystem of this island. 

Breathtaking views from Fort George

Marin and Isabel are living in the USA, so they had to plan a destination wedding, which is always a very serious task. Still, Marin has a family in Croatia, so they decided to explore the opportunity to create a magical event with a sea view. The best thing about having relatives on site is the fact that they can help you during the ceremony. So, Isabel’s cousin was in charge of the wedding ceremony.

However, since they don’t live on this island, they needed help from local experts. They hired a specialized destination wedding agency, Yes I Du, from Dubrovnik, and these girls really delivered. 

They picked Fort George as a wedding venue, and when all the guests from Croatian and USA came to the location, they were in awe. Of course, the beauty of a destination wedding is that your guests can eat some local dishes and try new wines.  

Gold and Olives for a tasteful wedding decoration

This huge medieval fortress is a historic building with an incredible view over the cliffs and sea. Tables for wedding guests were set on beneath the sky, and they were decorated with olive branches and golden details. 

Bridesmaids wore soft pink dresses and white bouquets, and Isabel wore a wedding dress with off-the-shoulder straps from Martina Aliana Bridal. Her makeup was natural, her hair was elegantly flowing on a summer breeze, and her vail made it all look so magical. Marin and his friends were wearing tailored suits with bowties and looked like they came from filming the last James Bond movie. 

They got married while looking over the sea, and while I am mentioning saltwater, yes, some tears of joy were also seen. However, Isabel’s makeup stayed intact. 

Late into the night, when we all got a bit tired from dancing (and working), we got slices of cake decorated with olives and gold. Just a perfect end of a night beneath the stars. 

They sailed away to a happy ending

I forgot to mention initially, but Marin and Isabel are quite an exciting couple. They totally enjoyed their destination wedding. They created a perfect experience for their guests and for themselves. Since they were in love with the seaside and sailing, they sailed off to Italy with their catamaran after the wedding party. After Italy, they visited other European coastal countries and returned to the USA across the ocean. 

This is just a perfect inspiration when you are organizing your own wedding. Just try to incorporate things you love to do as a couple and places you both love visiting. It certainly helps wedding planners do their job better. It also helps wedding photographers to capture details that are important to you and to create specific aesthetics. 

As you can see from my photographs, I tried to capture many shots of the sea, and we had a photoshoot with an old fisherman’s boat. Because I knew they would appreciate it. 

Hiring a wedding photographer for your Vis wedding


I would like to thank Marin and Isabel again for choosing me to be a part of their beautiful wedding. It was a great pleasure to work with people from Fort George and wedding planners Tea, Martina, and Maja. If you consider hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding on Vis island, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am sure we will be able to create some specific magic.