December 23, 2018

Isotta & Federico – Mykonos Wedding

Isotta and Federico’s Mykonos Wedding

The mystique Greek island Mykonos, also called ‘the Island of the winds’, is the most beloved Greek island. It is part of the Cyclades and lies in between the islands of Tinos, Syros, Paros, and Naxos. A lot of romantic wedding in Mykonos happens every year for a reason. 

Isotta and Federico, who come from Italy, chose the wedding venue that is dear to their heart – the Mykonos Island. They brought all of their intimate friends from all around the world in one place. The lovely couple knows the island by heart. And even though they come from a beautiful land, they still chose this place.

Big day preparations

The couple was filled with excitement and joy. Not only because of the ceremony itself, but also because they were able to return to this very island to exchange their wedding vows. We took photos in various landmarks of the island. Windmills in Chora and the mesmerizing seascapes of the island were astonishing.

The exchanges of wedding vows

As wedding guests patiently waited for the wedding couples to arrive, they enjoyed the wedding venue. A lot of them took a chance and had fun with having their own photo session. It’s a nice opportunity to have memories like that captured before the party starts.

When the couples arrived, wedding marched commenced and everyone gathered around to witness this beautiful moment. The exchanges of wedding vows was very intimate. This is a chance to capture pure emotions and experience the beauty of sharing heartfelt promises. 

Sharing sweet moments at the reception

The Mykonos wedding venue was very authentic and it reflected the personality of the wedding couple. Since the wedding was held in one of the scenic spots of Mykonos, the wedding details were just complimenting the environment. The outside ceremony was accented by the elegant aisle, pops of blue and white at the table settings, and the potted plants gave the ambiance a more organic feeling.

Every wedding guest enjoyed the simple celebration and the tranquility of the place. They shared beautiful and inspiring memories over the sumptuous meals and refreshing drinks served at the table before they hit the dance floor. It was a beautiful day that it made guests feels like it’s not just a wedding, but a relaxing vacation with their loved ones.

With this extraordinary encounter, every guest would surely want to go back there and experience once more the peacefulness and joy that the island offers. And every time they visit this beautiful island, they will always be reminded of the fun and enjoyment they had at Isotta and Federico’s wedding.

Planning: Lindeman Weddings

Music: Sound Mykonos

Venue: Aphrodite Beach Hotel

Mykonos wedding

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