January 13, 2022

Oli and Becky – Intimate Tuscany wedding at Villa il Pozzo


Perfect Tuscany wedding venues: Villa il Pozzo and Certaldo Alto

This week I am taking you to northern Italy. You will meet Oli and Becky, a charming couple from the UK. They decided to get married in Certaldo Alto and celebrate their love in one of the prettiest venues in Tuscany – Villa il Pozzo.

Since this wedding was quite intimate, my role as a wedding photographer was much more important. I knew that these pictures would be shown to the family members and friends who couldn’t come to the wedding due to restrictions related to Covid. This would be their only window to the most important day of Oli and Becky so far. So I really didn’t want to let them down. And that is the reason why I will take time to describe the atmosphere and aesthetics of Villa il Pozzo and Certaldo Alto.

Planning destination wedding in Tuscany

If you have never met them, I must first say that Oli and Becky are serious foodies. They just enjoy Italian dishes and spend a good amount of their free time exploring Italian cuisine. Although they live in a beautiful seaside city in the UK, they decided to organize a destination wedding somewhere where they can enjoy original Italian dishes. 

They acknowledged fast that it will be really stressful to organize a destination wedding on their own, so they decided to hire help. 

They hired Wiskow and White, and as they said for the magazine Together Journal, they didn’t feel like they were splurging. The decision to employ experienced wedding planners like Lucy and Danielle really helped them enjoy the whole process. I would also like to emphasize how I enjoyed working with these professionals. They made sure that the wedding looked exquisite and classy and made it easy for me to do my job and deliver these photographs. 

The Atmosphere at Villa il Pozzo

As I mentioned, this was a really intimate wedding. Still, all the guests enjoyed staying at the fantastic Villa il Pozzo. In fact, Oliver’s dad enjoyed his time spent in the swimming pool so much that he was almost late for the ceremony at Certaldo Alto.

And people who know him know how well-organized he is. 

I really can’t blame him because the view from that pool is impressive. Actually, the whole Vila il Pozzo looks like a fantastic family house with extraordinary views over the Val d’Elsa. If I could, I wouldn’t leave it for a second. 

The best thing about this Tuscany villa arent just those interiors, but the fact that it has two terraces overlooking the hills. Lucy and Danielle styled it with lush flowers from L’Oasi, golden details, crystal glasses, and tall candles; everything became even more romantic. However, as I already mentioned, for Oli and Becky, the most important thing was the food, and they really had luck with GVE weddings catering. This catering is specialized catering for Tuscany weddings with a long tradition. If you are looking for catering with a farm-to-table concept, you should definitely visit their website. 

Ceremony at Certaldo Alto

The wedding ceremony was held at Priori palace, in the center of the small Italian city Certaldo. It was a short ride away from Villa il Pozzo. City Certaldo is famous as the birth town of Giovani Bocaccio – a famous Italian writer. This was quite symbolic since Becky and Oliver got engaged in another historically renowned Italian city – Verona. 

The tall terracotta walls of Certaldo Alto created a romantic atmosphere, and you could feel the excitement in the air as Rebbeca and her uncle were approaching. In the background, you could hear the gentle guitar sounds and a few deep breaths. 

Rebbeca wore a custom-made princess-shaped minimalistic dress, subtle makeup, and a veil on her hair. Oliver was all smiled in his suit and tie. The reading of their wows was quite emotional and intense because they were aware of how long of a journey it was. I was so proud of them and how they pursued their dream wedding idea, jumped over all obstacles and made this day as beautiful as it was. 

The magical evening at the Villa il Pozzo

After the wedding ceremony, we took some photos of the great walls of Certaldo of the newlyweds and headed back to Villa il Pozzo. There we witnessed terrific sunset and night under the stary skies. Becky and Oli cut their wedding cake with strawberries beneath the subtle lightning from candles and lighting decorations. I had the chance to take some amazing photos from the terrace with them. Also, I tried to capture moments in which they blissfully enjoyed the food and the idea that they made their Italian dream come true. 

In the end, I would like to thank Oliver and Rebbeca for giving me the honor to be their wedding photographer at this magical Tuscany wedding. Moreover, I would like to wish them that every day is perfect as this one for the rest of their lives. Finally, I hope you enjoyed this story and my photos, and if you have any questions about my schedule and prices or just want to chat, you can contact me here.