February 27, 2019

Wedding in Chateau de Malliac//Hayley & Thomas

As you know, every fairytale has a beautiful princess, prince charming and a castle. Tomas and Hayley chose Chateau De Malliac as their castle and created an unforgettable wedding experience for their family and themselves. They decided to have a destination wedding and visit the sunny South-West of France. I had the pleasure to be their wedding photographer at this amazing event. Up until today, I remember it so clearly because it was such an incredible event.

Wedding in a private chateau in France is as beautiful as it sounds. But I will try to describe some of the details; just to inspire you in case you are planning a wedding in this romantic country. 

Chateau Between Vineyards and Pine trees

Their location was Chateau de Malliac which is a monumental building pleasantly camouflaged with ivy and surrounded by vineyards and pine trees. The contrast of old stone and fresh leaves is just a perfect backdrop for wedding photography.

But the stone wall wasn’t the only thing I loved in this french chateau. Just like the leaves were hugging the chateau, the guests were hugging each other during the cocktail before the wedding. During the golden hour, ladies were smiling in their elegant floral dresses, and guys were having so much fun when they found the swing seat. People were just happy to be there. And that is always the greatest inspiration for me as a photographer. It gives me a chance to capture all those small important moments of interaction between people.

Effortlessly glamorous wedding

Planning a destination wedding usually takes a lot of work, but here, everything worked like a clock. Hayley and Tomas hired amazing wedding planners and florists who decorated everything and made it look effortlessly glamorous. 

 Beautiful Hayley decided to wear a romantic princess dress and beautiful floral shoes, and Tomas looked dapper as they say in the UK. The whole wedding ceremony was quite emotional, and the sun in the backyard of the chateau helped me capture all those smiles, and tears of joy. 

After the ceremony, we heard some interesting toasts and enjoyed this amazing venue with high ceilings, big golden mirrors and oak floors.

Some luxurious vines were served and the music was great, which made it easier for me to capture all that love and fun moments on the dancefloor.

And for me that is precious. I had the chance to pick up all that positive energy, and even though I worked the whole day, I felt energized after this wedding. 


Chateau de Malliac wedding

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